Short Bio

Charles Dewandeler is an award winning Director and Editor. From 2001-2007 he worked at CTTV in Michigan, Producing and Editing various TV shows. He moved to LA in 2008. where he currently works as a freelance editor.

One of his favorite Editing gigs was Martin Lawrence Present's 1st Amendment, a standup comedy show on the Starz Network. He has edited Talk/Variety shows (Way Black When), Reality TV (various), Gameshows (Popular Opinion), Clip Shows (Whacked Out Sports), sizzle reels and scripted content.

He wrote, directed and edited the feature film 'Parody Movie' (2011) now available on Amazon prime. and he's the author of comic book 'MotorCity Saint' and the thrilling novel 'Black Ice'.

In addition, he has directed and edited over 100 sketch comedy videos on YouTube, which have been viewed over 25 million times.

Black Ice
In this thrilling novel by Charles Dewandeler, a small midwest town is threatened by a dark force killing it's residents. Rob, a local teenager, is determined to stop it by any means necessary... even if that means putting his life on the line!

Parody Movie
Wannabe director David and his cocky, best-friend Curt set out to produce the greatest spoof movie ever!!! But they have no money and no script! This doesn't stop them from spoofing the greatest movies of all time! Superheroes, Pirates and Wizards beware, 'Parody Movie' is going to rock your Universe!!!

MotorCity Saint
This comic book created by Charles Dewandeler and Kevin Bruinsma features the origin of MotorCity Saint, Detroit's own superhero!

Spoof Troupe
We spoof everything! From Star Wars, Avengers, Superman, Batman, Star Trek, Justice League, Joker & Harley Quinn, The Walking Dead, Ellen DeGeneres, music videos, celebrities, commercials, and everything in between. We have something for everyone! Spoof Troupe is located in Hollywood, CA and is dedicated to making you laugh. Please share it with your friends :) And feel free to comment on our videos and give suggestions on what you'd like to see us spoof next!