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Charles Dewandeler wants to entertain you. Born and raised in the suburbs of Metro Detroit, he grew up on a healthy diet of Disney cartoons, Saturday Night Live, and movies directed by Charlie Chaplin, Mel Brooks, and Steven Spielberg.

At the age of 9 he wanted to be a cartoonist, so he attempted to animate his own Little Mermaid cartoon but was disappointed with the final product. This challenge caused him to adopt a new dream... become the next Steven Spielberg.

By the 5th grade, Charles was writing, directing, and editing his own live action short films and sketch comedy videos. In addition, he was writing and drawing his own comic books.

Following his graduation from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts (TV Production), Charles obtained a Bachelors Degree from Wayne State University majoring in TV and Film. While attending WSU, he worked at his hometown television station - Clinton Township Television (CTTV). There he honed his craft as a director and editor, on talk shows, music performances, news segments, and other programs.

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In 2008, Charles moved to Los Angeles, CA, not knowing anyone in the entertainment industry and starting from square one. Within a few short months, Charles landed one of his most enjoyable gigs - editing the hit standup comedy show “Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment” for Starz.

Inspired by Mel Brook's satire movies, Charles directed his own feature film “Parody Movie” and release it on Amazon Prime and Tubi. Shortly thereafter he launched the YouTube channel Spoof Troupe. This allowed him to produce sketch comedy videos in the style of “Saturday Night Live", amassing over 40 million views online.

Never losing his fondness for comic books, he wrote the first issue of "MotorCity Saint" inspired by Detroit's real life superhero who visits kids in hospitals. He also wrote "Ghost Wranglers" about a team of southern ghost hunters. Both comic books are available digitally through Amazon.com

Meanwhile, Charles continued writing screenplays (14 in total) and has since turned 3 of them into novels, including the supernatural/thriller "Black Ice", the romantic comedy "Upon A Time", and the action packed "Frank Kennedy: Operation Freedom." He wrote a book about the history of superheroes in pop culture called, "Superheroes, Their Movies, And Why We Love Them." He also created and wrote the children's book "Dallas DoGood: Goes Swimming".

To date, Charles has directed over 100 YouTube videos and short films, the feature film "Parody Movie", and edited several TV shows. His most recent credits include season 4 of "Gangsters: America's Most Evil" (Reelz), "Marriage Boot Camp" (WeTV), "Tab Time" (YouTube), and "Growing Up Hip Hop" (WE tv).

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Dallas DoGood: Goes Swimming
MotorCity Saint
A children's book starring everyone's favorite friendly puppy Dallas DoGood. In his first adventure, Dallas swims in the ocean and is pursued by a hungry shark!

Dallas teaches children the importance of being kind and he leads by example. After performing an act of kindness for someone else, Dallas receives an act of kindness in return, showing your child the positive effect of doing good deeds for others.

Dallas DoGood is also teacher approved. “A solid story with a relatable message for Pre-schoolers and Kindergarteners on empathy and kindness,” says Mary Ellen Wojciechowski.

Discover for yourself how this book will positively impact your child's behavior. Order your copy today in paperback or eBook. Also available in Espanol.
This comic book created by Charles Dewandeler and Kevin Bruinsma features the origin of MotorCity Saint, Detroit's own superhero! Artwork by Paul D. London. Paperback copies are currently only available at autograph signings. The eBook is available around the World on Kindle.
Paperback & Kindle
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Frank Kennedy: Operation Freedom
Upon A Time
Frank Kennedy is the hero America needs right now. He defeated the terrorist organization il-Liberta ten years ago but today they're back and planning an attack on US soil. The CIA must now coax Frank out of retirement, so he can venture to Iran and infiltrate il-Liberta, in order to prevent the destruction of a major US city.
Awakening from a 200 year sleeping spell, Anna must adapt to modern culture and combat an evil witch, in order to protect a handsome stranger.

Charles Dewandeler's novella "Upon A Time" is a modern-day fairytale packed with drama, comedy, magic, and romance. It is available now for only $2.99 USD on Kindle, Apple Books, and other eBook distributors worldwide.
Paperback & Kindle
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Paperback & Kindle
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After an evil spirit kills his wife, southern animal trapper Jim Dude becomes a ghost hunter. Teaming with cousin Chester (an inventor), friend Shirlene (a skeptical reporter) and ghost wife Annabelle, Jim Dude and his Ghost Wranglers hunt evil spirits.

"The best new comic book in 20 years!" A supernatural adventure which treads the fine line between humor and despair.

Amazon Readers agree, "Awesome!" "I loved Ghost Wranglers!" "Perfect for someone looking for something new!"

Written by Charles Dewandeler
Art by Paul D. London

  UK,  DE,  FR,  ES,  IT,  NL,  JP,  BR,  CA,  MX,  AU,  IN

The incredible 80+ year history of superheroes in comic books and film. Featuring shocking behind the scenes stories of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Stan Lee, and much more!

This book answers all the age-old questions! Is Superman the first superhero? What would Marvel be without Stan Lee? Why did movie studios reject Batman in the 80's? What happened to James Cameron's Spider-Man movie? Who's winning the war between DC and Marvel? And who is the most popular superhero?

Executive Producer of the Batman films, Michael E. Uslan writes, "Charles Dewandeler's book was a Batastic read... told with a love for all these great super-heroes who comprise the world's modern day mythology."

Paperback copies of the book are available in full color from BarnesandNoble.com, eBooks are available on Kindle and other popular eBook providers.

  UK,  DE,  FR,  ES,  IT,  NL,  JP,  BR,  CA,  MX,  AU,  IN

From the creative mind of award-winning filmmaker Charles Dewandeler, comes a thrilling novel about severe winter weather conditions in our Nation's Midwest. Every year, 800 Americans are killed (and thousands more injured) in accidents caused by cold weather. But what if those disasters are not always “accidents”?

After the mysterious deaths of his sister and his best friend, local teenager Rob discovers a dark force is terrorizing his town. He vows to stop the devastation by any means necessary, even if that means his death could be next!

Though this book is a work of fiction, it is inspired by a real life fear we all experience. If you're the parent of a new driver, you know the anxiety of watching your child drive off. Worrying if you'll receive a phone call from police saying they were in an accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading cause of teen deaths is motor vehicle accidents. The reason teenage drivers cause more accidents, is a combination of inexperience and overconfidence. Additional factors which contribute to teen driving accidents are speeding, distracted driving (cell phones), drunk drivers, and cold weather.

Michigan born author Charles Dewandeler has first-hand experience on the dangers of driving in cold weather. He believed his screenplay “Black Ice” would make a genuinely scary movie, which would not only entertain but also help save lives by raising awareness of cold weather safety.

However, when Charles pitched the script he was told Hollywood film executives couldn't relate because they lack experience driving in cold weather. Further, Tinseltown has no interest in “educating” audiences. As Hollywood continued producing movies which glorify illegal street racing, Charles decided he needed to publish his story. So he turned his screenplay “Black Ice” into a book.

“Black Ice” has been described as “A fast-paced page turner” and “Amazing book, kept me on my toes.” When you read this book, you'll be genuinely scared, entertained, and better informed. When you buy this book for a family member who is new to driving, you will rest a little easier knowing it will help prevent a dreaded phone call from police. Order your copy today in paperback or eBook.
  UK,  DE,  FR,  ES,  IT,  NL,  JP,  BR,  CA,  MX,  AU,  IN

Show Stealer
Frustrated with his struggling acting career, Jake finally makes the leap from understudy to star of the play, after kidnapping the lead actor.

This comedy short film by Charles Dewandeler is a proof-of-concept for a feature.

Official selection of 5 film festivals in 2020.

Take Me Back
News reporter Trevor investigates a series of alien abductions in New Mexico and discovers a group of abductees who wish to be abducted again.

This comedy short film by Charles Dewandeler is a proof-of-concept for a feature, produced in the style of a mockumentary. It is available for free on Spoof Troupe's YouTube channel.

Parody Movie
Wannabe director David and his cocky, best-friend Curt set out to produce the greatest spoof movie ever!!! But they have no money and no script! This doesn't stop them from spoofing the greatest movies of all time! Superheroes, Pirates and Wizards beware, 'Parody Movie' is going to rock your Universe!!!

This hilarious feature film written and directed by Charles Dewandeler, was filmed almost entirely in Metro Detroit, Michigan. "Parody Movie" is currently FREE on Tubi (U.S.) and available in select countries on Amazon Prime including U.S., U.K., Germany, Mexico, and Japan!

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